My Photographic Journey: Episode 91

In this week’s episode of my weekly youtube series, I talk a bit about the photo I shot on day 3 of my spring trip to Capitol Reef titled “Standing Tall”


Standing Tall | Velvia 50 8x10

Standing Tall | Velvia 50 8×10

2 Responses to “My Photographic Journey: Episode 91”

  1. Howard Clapsaddle Says:

    Did I do a double-take on this shot! My campsite in a Judean desert canyon is right by a scene like this only the tree is an acacia. A case of stunning similarity.
    Your composittion is beautiful here, inspiring in its simplicity. Also I learned a lot from your video, being a Velvia user.
    Do you think this photo would bear enlarging beyond 8X10 though? Just curious.
    Many thanks for this posting.

    • Ben Horne Says:

      That’s very cool how you found a very similar scene on the other side of the globe! Such simple scenes seem easy enough to find, but sometimes it takes a bit of work — or a bit of luck. This photo is one that is very friendly for large format. The movements allow me to get pretty much everything as sharp as I would like, so this could be enlarged to a wall sized print and be extremely sharp. That’s one of the things I love about large format.

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