Death Valley 2015: Day 5

Here is my video journal from day 5 of my January 2015 trip to Death Valley. Thanks for watching and sharing!

Velvia 50 | ~15 minutes @ f/45


Ilford Delta 100 | Unrecorded Shutter @ f/45 | Red Filter

2 Responses to “Death Valley 2015: Day 5”

  1. Stephen Hartsfield Says:

    I liked your “cow” dunes shot, and the dune shot you were more upbeat about. This B&W of the salt flats (?) is rocking. If it were me, I would try to boost the contrast of the ground, make the salt islands pop some to match that great sky. I shoot 4×5, I can’t get over how much information is in the 8x10s. Looks like there is some vignetting, although it is correctable.

    • Ben Horne Says:

      The salt flat shot with the white dots on the ground was definitely a pleasant surprise. Something I forgot to mention on that one is that I did end up with a light leak in the corner of that one. That’s something I’ll have to resolve to make sure it was just me that messed it up, and not a fault of the film holder.

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