Zion Winter 2015: Day 3

Here is my video journal from Day 3 of my January 2015 visit to Zion National Park. Thanks for watching and sharing!

One Response to “Zion Winter 2015: Day 3”

  1. Tim Layton Says:

    Ben, what did you decide on for b/w film and are you developing yourself, and if so, your developer choice? Some other options you can try and using RC b/w paper as a negative which give that late 19th century look, and I also like the Kodak X-ray film in 8×10 format too. An 8×10 b/w contact print is unlike anything else in the world in my opinion. For regular sheet film my standard is T-Max 100 at EI 50 in Pyro HD developed in my Jobo. I have been testing Foma 100 for the last 2 years (a fraction of the cost of T-Max) and I am really liking my prints so far with it. You are embarking on a new world that you are going to love! Keep us posted.


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