Zion Winter 2015: Day 1 & 2

Nearly 3 months after returning from my fall trip to Zion National Park, I returned to Zion on January 18th for a quick 4 day trip. My goal was to spend some time scouting, maybe take a shot or two, then head over to Death Valley for the remainder of my trip. Here are the first two days of my trip to Zion. Thanks for watching!


4 Responses to “Zion Winter 2015: Day 1 & 2”

  1. Chris Kayler Says:

    The views from the higher elevation trail with the canyon walls and isolated trees looked really beautiful. Definitely need a longer lens for that stuff, though! I look forward to seeing some of the images.

    • Ben Horne Says:

      I figure I need something similar to 150mm or 200mm on a 35mm camera to capture the sort of images I would want to shoot. My longest lens now is somewhere around 70 to 80mm equivalent in 35mm. That lens is a bit difficult to work with to reach the front while looking through the ground glass, and I think I have enough bellows draw for an 800mm… so technically it’s possible.

  2. Matthew Saville Says:

    So awesome that you’re doing ad-free content. Brave man! But I bet the direct financial support from grateful viewers would only increase, and you could come out ahead in the end. Either way thanks for sharing such well-done, inspiring journals!

    • Ben Horne Says:

      Thanks Matthew! I figured it was time to turn off the ads because they are annoying more than anything, and it seems like I’m relying less and less on them lately. It makes a big difference with videos that go viral, but on this sort of content, the return doesn’t seem to justify the inconvenience to viewers.

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