MPJ: Ep.46 & Ep.47

In this week’s episodes, I talk about day 9 of my trip to Zion (not covered on the vidoe journals), and share why this is one of the best times to get started with Large Format photography.

If you’re interested in the large format shirts I mention in Episode 47, here’s a direct link to them:


2 Responses to “MPJ: Ep.46 & Ep.47”

  1. stuart fisher-spurlock Says:

    Hey Ben- thanks for all your time in effort in making these videos. I find them both relaxing and engaging- I enjoy listening to your “ponderings”! By the way, Scheimpflug is pronounced “schmpflug i.e. the vowel combination ei makes an “I” sound in German-hence names like Bernstein are also pronounced falsely in English, from a German standpoint at least. If you really want to get Scheimpflug right, then you also have to give it a real scheim-PFlug – like a hard F or pF 😉 Just sayin… Anyway I’ve been shooting film since my high-school darkroom course in the nineties and I just got back into the swing of darkroom printing a couple of years ago. I also got into LF about a year ago for the first time (13×18″). Anyway, while watching many of your videos I can’t help but wonder why you don’t do your own processing. Especially when you say you plan on doing more B&W in the future. If you have a good lab for E-6 and c41 and the cost is ok, that I understand (by the way though, the economy and lifespan of tetenal e-6 3bath kits are great) but with BW there are just so many possibilities in development (albeit one more thing you have to think about while exposing…) Plus, you can get pro-grade darkroom gear nowadays for a song. So why no processing Ben? Don’t tell me that you don’t have time between trekking through the national parks, making videos/running a blog, working and having a wife 😉

  2. Bill Pelzmann Says:

    Yes, I cringe at your pronunciation of “Scheimpflug”, but those are great T-shirts 🙂

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