Zion 2014: Day 5

Here is my video journal for day 5 of my October/November 2014 trip to Zion National Park.

One Response to “Zion 2014: Day 5”

  1. Mario Rego Says:

    The one Genesis can be extracted more. You using the guy that was on eBay to Drum Scan. I have pulled off more out of shadows while maintaining the high possible highlights. I know which programs he uses, and one is one that came with his scanner. I know I have it…….it does a good job but not the greatest. I have $4000 Euro software and precise calibrated drum, which makes a big difference. I work for a engineering company and made some a adjustments with my good friend Peter which is a physics expert……7 years university. I also have a great software engineer buddy that tweaked the main boards to its fullest potential. I bet he don’t have the technology that I have. I might be more expensive because of all the parts I tracked down. But I am worth it. LightJet as well, you have to see it to believe it, all looks natural as it should. I give you a great opportunity. But I will not keep tracking you down. There is many others in my folder to get too. But I see your set in your ways and I am ok with it.

    One topic you should emphasize on is what people want to know? More on technical issues, example new people that want to get into this type of photography and stating that if more people get into film. Than soon companies reintroduce new films and old. The prices are competitive. You like paying $400 per 20 sheets of 8×10 Velvia 50?, I don’t. Show people how it’s done in the field and home. If we don’t all come together, film will be lost. I I courage every film photographer with a Vimeo, YouTube , etc account to emphasize this. I don’t have one yet, but soon. Carver on YouTube is doing a great job. I spoke to him a couple times. Ben you must get more people. Look I wrote a letter to the ceo of Fuji. Took about three months to get his number, but he brought out the 8×10 again. You see Ben they listen. The almighty dollar always wins. So please I beg you please consider. Many people watch you, mostly people that want to get into it. You got me years ago! The pros don’t watch. They stick to their shooting styles. It’s the newbies. Get more, word spreads fast.

    Start where you like? I suggest showing your Camera in detail. Old guy in Miami in the Everglades does it on YouTube. Everybody loves him. You want ideas I have lots, but they have to come from you Master Ben. I am a strong willed man even after I got a bite in the Amazon, and now paralyzed. I went from a wheel chair to a walker in 3 feet of snow to now a cane, but the pain is intense, but I keep going. I hate it when people say I can’t …….that’s not even an official word……its. Can not……and should be removed from the dictionary. You want to do a video on get off your couch and get out there. One day Ben you and I shall meet. There is so much to my story in the last 3 years being like this. But with all my heart, and soul, You Ben were the one that kept me going, to know one day I will be a artist once more. This is why I bought so much equipment because I am not going back to Engineering field. 25 years is enough. It was never my true passion. This is, and I shall die doing it. I don’t care about money, hell I made enough of it, and donated much of it. I helped all the people I could, but now Ben their gone. Eyes wide open now. Enjoy your life Ben to the fullest. I too will conquer, and do it again.

    Last thing don’t photograph the Amazon! But no regrets in my life. I keep going as long as you do!

    Mario R.


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