MPJ: Ep.42 & 43

In this week’s episodes, I talk about dreams while on photography trips, and give away a free copy of my 2014 Hardcover Portfolio Book.


4 Responses to “MPJ: Ep.42 & 43”

  1. Matthew Saville Says:

    As a wedding photographer, my dreams usually involve showing up to a wedding in my underwear, and trying to brush it off like it’s a normal thing. I need to spend more time in the wilderness alone, apparently…


  2. Mario Rego Says:

    Ben you haven’t responded to my emails?……how about a print and see who would pay most?…….I can use light jet what ever to do it for you……..I can even do it as charity…..donation….

    Mario Rego


  3. Chris Kayler Says:

    I’m jealous … I don’t ever remember my dreams when I am in the backcountry. I don’t think I usually sleep well enough to even get to that stage of sleep most of the time when I’m out in my tent!

  4. Richard Cofrancesco Says:

    Sigmond might say you really want to stay in the wilderness longer.

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