MPJ 41: The 6.5 Million Dollar Episode

In this week’s episode I discuss my view on what makes a landscape photo successful.

2 Responses to “MPJ 41: The 6.5 Million Dollar Episode”

  1. Matthew Saville Says:

    In the olympics, every now and then, there are also those folks who cheat or lie in order to win, and the whole sense of impressiveness that you described comes crashing down. I think that is mainly what has gotten people in an uproar over this whole situation. Can the 6.5 mil. sale be proven? Will it go into the Guinness Book of World Records, completely un-verified with nothing but the vouching of Lik’s lawyer, or whoever it was? Then, is the image even truthful, or was the “vision” of a human form added in photoshop? Is photoshoppery OK, if it is undisclosed, or even lied about?

    I’ll share the thoughts that I shared on Rodney Lough Jr’s FB post on this subject: If a highly talented, modern day Ansel Adams were to actually sell an image at public auction for $6.5 million, we would probably all say “bravo, the appreciation for photographic art is not dead!” However because this whole thing just smells of a marketing ploy, and the image itself is over-edited if not entirely faked, …I am left feeling disgusted and disheartened.

  2. Bill Pelzmann Says:

    Until proven otherwise, I will continue to believe the “sale” is a marketing ploy. It’s hard to understand why someone would pay seven figures to an artist when that artist’s work has never sold for even six figures at a public auction! I’m so looking forward to seeing what this and his previous million dollar image resells for sometime in the future.

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