MPJ: Ep.34 What I Despise About Large Format

In this week’s episode, I discuss one of my least favorite aspects of shooting Large Format.

6 Responses to “MPJ: Ep.34 What I Despise About Large Format”

  1. Brian T. Adams Says:

    Hello Ben. What is your technique for keeping exposed slides/negatives separate from fresh slides/negatives while you’re on the road? We were on a road trip last month and I used my LF camera for the first time. This was not something I had considered and found myself scratching my head for a while as the moment of realization came crashing into my head like a bull in a crystal shop. Since it was all new to me, the only film boxes I had were new boxes with new film in it. Got it sorted out, but it seems like my process has a lot of room for calamity until I get some extra boxes. My apologies if you’ve addressed this in a previous post. Thanks!!

    • Ben Horne Says:

      Without having empty boxes available, it certainly is difficult! I can see how you might put the exposed film in something before putting it back in the box of fresh film, but that would definitely be an important thing to keep straight. It might be worth it to buy some empty boxes on ebay if they are available.

  2. robertbiedron72720872 Says:

    This is a nearly universal problem when getting started with large format! If you go to and post a request for empty boxes, almost certainly someone will send you some for the cost of shipping. You probably have to join to post, but it is free. The most appropriate subcategory for such a post would probably be “Darkroom: Film, Processing and Printing”.

  3. Nicolas Belokurov Says:

    Hello Brian,
    In long treks, to loose weight, I sometimes use the cardboard sheets that is included with 4×5 film to separate the exposed from the fresh film. Works well since I always put it the same way inside the box and the exposed film always ends up between the cardboard sandwich.

  4. Brian T. Adams Says:

    thanks for the help/replies everyone. got some new boxes, so i should have it a little easier now. i had been using sandwich bags for the exposed film. might still use them as it was fairly effective.

  5. Ricardo La Piettra Says:

    Great blog Ben, posting videos instead of text is a good idea, easier than reading…
    I’ve added a link a link to your blog in mine here:

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