MPJ: Ep.33 Social Media & Photography

In this week’s episode, I discuss some of my thoughts on how social media and the internet have shaped modern landscape photography



4 Responses to “MPJ: Ep.33 Social Media & Photography”

  1. Nick Bristol Says:

    Thanks Ben. I enjoyed listening to this and have many of the same feelings. Nick

  2. Chris Kayler Says:

    Hi Ben,

    Love your videos. Totally agree with a lot of your points about “Epic” light … it’s fun to chase but too many are faking it these days. Stick to your own path and the experience is much more rewarding.


  3. Daniel Álamo Says:

    Loved this entry on the blog. I’m with you in many of your considerations, mainly in photographing for yourself and not for others because this is your work or because the social media.

    One of things I really best enjoy of making photos is being there. If besides I’m lucky about light (but many “not happy” times for a good one are), I back home feeling that longtime will be till next time.

    Thanks for all your MPJ.


  4. Vanilla Gorilla Says:

    Well said Ben.

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