MPJ: Ep.30 & 31

This blog post features two of my latest episodes from my weekly Youtube Series.





2 Responses to “MPJ: Ep.30 & 31”

  1. Tim Layton Says:

    Ben, I really like your reference to social media. I am the same as you, I need to be in my “zone” before I create anything, although always thinking as a photographer. The people at my local hardware store probably think I an the strangest guy because when I try and explain what I am looking for and that it is used in photography, they always look at me strangely. Once I make the Ansel Adams reference, they usually nod their head (likely still confused). One of the many reasons I love large format photography is that I get to use power tools to make parts for my camera. 🙂

    Tim Layton

    • Ben Horne Says:

      That’s is a very cool point about being able to use power tools to make stuff for your camera. I hadn’t thought about that. Good luck doing that with a magnesium alloy body. 🙂

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