MPJ: Ep.23 (Developing Personal Style & Q&A)

In this week’s episode, I discuss my view on creating a sense of personal style, and answer some questions that were tweeted to me.

One Response to “MPJ: Ep.23 (Developing Personal Style & Q&A)”

  1. matthewsaville Says:

    The biggest difference between you and Fatali? I’m assuming you don’t light duraflame logs under Delicate Arch. 😉

    Okay okay, I do love Fatali’s work, but I think that unfortunate mistake will forever haunt my thoughts and general opinion.

    Personally, my first breath-taking experience with large-format prints was Rodney Lough Jr… I saw his gallery on Pier 39 many years ago, I think he even shot some of his stuff on an 11×14 camera! Anyway the experience was indeed magical, with the prints lit just right, if you stood very still, it was like looking through a window to the real world.

    Rodney has begin to toy around with medium format digital, and if you put your nose to the print the difference in the detail is evident, but the large prints are still gorgeous to behold from a distance.

    If you haven’t yet, you should definitely visit his gallery when you’re in the SF area…

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