MPJ: Ep.22 (3 Simple Tips for Better Landscape Photos)

In this week’s episode, I discussĀ 3 simple things I’ve learned for creating better landscape photos.

2 Responses to “MPJ: Ep.22 (3 Simple Tips for Better Landscape Photos)”

  1. matthewsaville Says:

    I think having a careful attention to detail and subject emphasis is definitely one thing that really sets apart the casual shooters from the truly timeless, gallery-worthy images. I’ve lost count of how many times I got too excited by the light, or the color, or whatever, and snapped away for hours just making small mistake after small mistake.

    As a wedding & portrait photographer, (my day job) …I’ve definitely had to train my eye to quickly yet methodically inspect a scene before just casually snapping a shot. But even then, I feel the crazy pressure of time-crunch and impatient subjects, etc. This pushes me even more “in the direction of zen” when it comes to my landscapes. Fewer clicks + more absorbtion of the scene = gold, both in your enjoyment of the activity itself, and in the image results…


  2. mitymous Says:

    Another guilty party – I’ve taken way too many shots that were sans foreground, because I was so beguiled by the light or clouds or both. At least I recognize it when I do it – goal is to do a much better job of finding that foreground!

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