Death Valley 2014: Day 3

Day 3 was a very exciting day for me. I hope you enjoy the video journal as much as I did filming it!


Perseverance | Fuji Velvia 50 8×10 | Nikkor 150mm SW | Ebony RW810

10 Responses to “Death Valley 2014: Day 3”

  1. Kevin Coghlin Says:

    It looks like you were very successful. It is amazing what you can achieve if you take your time.

    • Ben Horne Says:

      Taking one’s time is certainly very important for this sort of photography. I love the process of getting to know a place, and learning what conditions will truly make a photo special.

  2. bob francella Says:

    Ben absolutely beautiful, you’re one of a few that spend that much time to take one picture, that’s why they are great

  3. David Patterson Says:

    Goosebumps when I saw the final result! Realizing how much time – not just on this trip – that you invested in this vision paid off handsomely. I hope you are pleased with the image? Me… I LOVE it! Well done.

    • Ben Horne Says:

      Thanks David! I’m very happy with the way this one turned out. I look forward to getting it drum scanned at some point to show even more of the subtle details. It was certainly worth waiting for, and I look forward to returning to these dunes next year to see what else I can find.

  4. mitymous Says:

    Gorgeous photo; I love having the back-story, and this is one of the most striking death valley shots I’ve seen.

    • Ben Horne Says:

      Thank you! I’ve wanted a dune shot like this in my portfolio for quite some time, so I was very glad that I had the right conditions.

  5. Chris Kayler Says:

    Just found your blog, Ben, and I am glad I did! I enjoyed watching these videos about your visit to Death Valley and plan to delving deeper into your archives to check out more.

    It’s really inspired me to explore video a bit more in my own work, and it was nice to have an ever-needed reminder to really slow down while out in the field.

    Thanks again,
    Chris Kayler

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