Death Valley 2014: Day 2

I’m sure that many of you are aware that I visited Death Valley again this year. I visit every January, and enjoy the process of returning to some of my favorite locations within the park. This year, my goal was to get a photo from the crest of a dune during golden light. Did it happen? You’ll just have to watch my video journals to find out. Oh, and you might also be wondering what happened to Day 1. I explain that and more in my video journal from day 2.  Thanks for watching, and I look forward to sharing more from my trip in the coming weeks.

3 Responses to “Death Valley 2014: Day 2”

  1. David Patterson Says:

    I remember sitting atop a different set of Dunes in Death Valley waiting for some good light. As the afternoon wore on, I packed up the bulk of my gear as it became more and more apparent that this particular evening just wasn’t going to produce as hoped. I settled in for what was still going to an incredibly personal experience, only to have a tiny sliver of light almost miraculously escape under the horizon at the very last moment. Ended up being some of the deepest, pinkest sunset colors I have ever witnessed, and although I didn’t photograph them as planned, I still had an experience that is vivid in my memory. Though I would like to have a classic portfolio shot to point to… I don’t… and that’s OK too.

    • Ben Horne Says:

      Isn’t it amazing how vivid the sunsets are in Death Valley? There’s something about the scale of the place that lends itself to such magical experiences. Your story sounds very much like an experience I had in Death Valley a few years ago. I don’t think anyone could have orchestrated a more perfect show of color and light.

      Last year when I visited Death Valley, I witnessed an amazing sunrise. I felt paralyzed by the show that was happening around me. I stood in silence and just took it all in.

  2. Matthew Saville Baldon Says:

    I know the feeling. Some days are just meant to be a day of rest and meditation. Because like you said, the days where the sunset / rise takes your breath away are also the days that can become a mad rush of mental math and technical decisions.

    I must say, shooting Velvia in Death Valley certainly has given me some of my fondest memories of the place and the wonder it holds.

    I also remember one time, crossing paths with some other photographers, after a moderately dud sunrise. They were out of film, and we were low on water. We traded some rolls of medium format for a large bottle of that Aloe Pulp Juice, and to this day that stands as one of the most relaxing, rewarding adventures I can ever remember.

    If I ever come across an 8×10 set up in the dunes, I promise not to trample the sand within its composition! 😉


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