Zion 2013: Day 5

On Day 5 of my trip to Zion National Park, I hiked into the narrows to see what I could find.

Untitled | 20 seconds @ f/45 | Velvia 50 8x10

Untitled | 20 seconds @ f/45 | Velvia 50 8×10

Tree of Life | 30 sec @ f/45 | Velvia 50 8x10

Tree of Life | 30 sec @ f/45 | Velvia 50 8×10


5 Responses to “Zion 2013: Day 5”

  1. rickholliday Says:

    I follow you on WordPress and YouTube. Your videos are wonderful. I love hearing how you approach each shot. I also admire your patience in shooting large format especially how you discipline your shooting to only one or a few shots each day.

    I also visited Zion this fall. My friend and I hiked the Narrows on October 30. I hope to post those images in the near future. The color in your shots and the weather conditions seem similar to those during our window of time in the park. Do you recall what day you hiked the Narrows? I’m curious because I want to return in the fall and hope to find similar conditions to those I found this year.

    Thanks for sharing your work. It’s truly beautiful and inspiring.


    • Ben Horne Says:

      Thanks for following along. 🙂 I was in Zion this year from the 27th through the 4th of November. This video took place on October 31. On a normal year, fall color peaks by the 4th or 6th of November. It was about 7 to 9 days early this year.

  2. bob francella Says:

    Great photos, you spend all day to get one shot, that is compulsive, ha ha

  3. Angus Says:

    Video doesn’t seem to work….

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