Zion 2013: Day 3

This is my video journal from day 3 of my 2013 trip to Zion National Park.

Ebony RW810 | Nikkor 150mm SW | Velvia 50 8x10 | several seconds @ f/45

Ebony RW810 | Nikkor 150mm SW | Velvia 50 8×10 | several seconds @ f/45

8 Responses to “Zion 2013: Day 3”

  1. smilecalm Says:

    wonderful creative adventure!
    I’ve enjoy the beauty
    of Zion, also 🙂

    • Ben Horne Says:

      Zion is the sort of place I have a hard time staying away from. I’m even planning a winter visit to see what I can find there that time of year. 🙂

  2. Jose Suro Says:

    Hi Ben,

    First, Merry Christmas! I’ve been checking your site daily waiting for you to post the trip. I think you did very well. If I can opine, this image is one of your best. You really have matured well as a LF photographer. I saw it a little different in the video though. In the video it seemed that you had burned in the rocks at the top center of the image, the ones behind the saddle – I would definitely do that to the final image. Otherwise, I feel my eyes want to go there and then out of the frame. Everything else is perfection.

    Well done my friend, and have a great New Year!


    • Ben Horne Says:

      It’s great to hear from you Jose, as always. I hope your family is having a wonderful Christmas. I struggled a bit with the top of the composition on this one. My first instinct — exactly as you have suggested — was to take down the brightness of the white sandstone at the top. I did that for the video, but I don’t think I could get away with that in print. What I found while viewing the scan was that the small white area near the top — though it appears as a distraction at a small size — actually contains some fascinating texture and detail. It helps give a sense of scale, and it also captures some very interesting desert varnish on a grand scale.

      After making this video, I prepared a copy of that scan for the web, and this time I decided to keep the white sandstone area there.This really made me think of how much modern photography is influenced by viewing small images on the web. It’s impossible to truly appreciate the subtle aspects of an image.

      Though I initially dismissed the white area as a defect, I’ve come to embrace it when viewing it up close as though it was a large print. To further this point, in Episode 15 of my weekly series, I show a closeup of that area in question.

  3. mitymous Says:

    Wow, Ben! This is one of my favorite of your shots. I love the play of textures, colors, and the subject matter. Nice!
    Merry Christmas,

    • Ben Horne Says:

      Thanks Lynne. I certainly had some reservations about this shot while shooting it, but it won me over when I scanned it. The textures were very rich with the scene, and the color contrast really stood out. I was very luck to have such conditions because I knew they were truly fleeting.

  4. dougdolde Says:

    Pretty interesting shot Ben. At first I didn’t know if I liked it but after looking at it a while, I do like it. It’s just a bit of an unusual composition but maybe that’s the appeal.

    • Ben Horne Says:

      I had the same response to it. I really liked the scene in person, but there were a lot of things about the shot that bugged me — so much that I didn’t even scan the shot until just before posting this video. I think it’s one of those shots where the subject matter is strong enough to outweigh any potential issues, and when seen in print at a decent size, I think it will be a very engaging photo.

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