My Photographic Journey: Ep.13 (My Metering Technique)

In this episode, I discuss my metering technique using a Sekonic 558 spotmeter.

3 Responses to “My Photographic Journey: Ep.13 (My Metering Technique)”

  1. Angus Says:

    Thank you for sharing. I have the same meter and I’ll be rethinking how I use it.

  2. mitymous Says:

    SUPER useful – I’ve been suffering from the twin diseases of “meter lust” and “fear of meters.” You have cured the latter – curing the former is up to me!

    thanks, Ben!

  3. Jose Suro Says:

    Hi Ben,

    Great synopsis. It echoes what I do as well with my 758. Great system to use with great confidence on the ouput. I do use other metering techniques though for backlit subjects – I shoot a lot of sunrises and sunsets with water in the foreground and backlit water will fool the reflective meter because of the specular highlights. I also experimented with exposures (meaning I burnt 5 sheets of Velvia 50 doing this) in a controlled setting. I found that in long exposure situations, which is mostly the case with LF, the contrast goes up using normal development. I corrected that as part of the experiment by shooting Velvia 50 at ISO 40, or ISO 80 with Velvia 100F. Doing so reduces contrast nicely on exposures longer than a few seconds when compared to normal development and thus makes the slides easier to scan.

    Talking about incident metering, I had the same issues – I ended up not trusting the white dome at all. Then I read an article by Phil Davis that explained the whole thing. In the article he explains why the Incident meter will consistently underexpose by 1 to 1-1/2 stops. Go to, then to the articles and read the last one on the page: “Sensitometry Primer Part 5: The Incident System”

    All the best,


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