Zion 2013: Preface

It’s that time of year again. I’ve recently returned from Zion, and I will soon start posting my daily video journals from the trip. Here’s a preview video I created to help introduce the trip.

5 Responses to “Zion 2013: Preface”

  1. Iluminado Says:

    Zion, really? How do we know? It might be the dark side of the moon!

  2. Ron Carroll Says:

    You’re becoming a good poet too. Looking forward to this…

  3. bob Says:

    Ben I liked the way you took your self reflected off of the water, great very creative as usual

  4. Ian Bartlett Says:

    An excellent teaser/taster, started quite melancholy, but ended on a high. Like the sense of anticipation this has created, and as I think I said before, looking forward to the results given the fall colours had come early. As I sit here scanning my 35mm Black and White films, its proving inspirational…. Cheers

  5. robertfrase Says:

    A friend of mine who has mentored me and got me started in Large Format Photography, introduced me to your Blog and YouTube Videos. I am relatively new to photography, especially Large Format, I look forward to your postings. Thank you for sharing with us all. This year, I stepped up from the 4×5 to my new 8×10. Thanks again

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