Death Valley 2013: Day 1

For those who have followed my blog for a while, day one of my Death Valley trip will seem a bit familiar. Rest assured, it’s not a re-run, and I explain everything with my video journal.

Kodak Portra 160 8x10 | ~10 minutes @ f/45 | Nikkor 300mm | Ebony RW810

Kodak Portra 160 8×10 | ~10 minutes @ f/45 | Nikkor 300mm | Ebony RW810

2 Responses to “Death Valley 2013: Day 1”

  1. Mark Capilitan Says:

    Great post Ben! I can completely see where you’re coming from with the start of the clip! I’m just back from a week in southern Utah from Ireland, on my own! My fourth time to the Moab area!
    We’re hitting Death Valley for the first time in September…can’t wait, although I will have company then!

  2. Adam J Says:

    Your photos are so powerful, and watching the work you put in behind it just makes them even more appealing. Question, do you scan your own LF? If not, which service do you use, or, where can I go for a good resource for figuring it out on my own? I’m getting into mostly B&W LF, 4X5, but just limping into it, so I need some guidance. Thanks again for sharing your adventures and your photos with such detail.

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