Trip Teaser: August 2012

Let’s see… the blog has been quiet for a while, so that can mean only one thing: Shooting trip!

While the rest of Southern California baked in the 100+ degree heat, I enjoyed the benefits of camping at high elevation. It was a fantastic trip, and despite some equipment failure, I was able to walk away with several portfolio shots.

I’m working hard to edit all the videos and prepare my blog posts in advance. It’ll take a few more weeks to get everything ready — but here’s a teaser video I threw together.

Also, I’d like to thank everyone who has contributed to my blog and helped support me. I don’t rely on the sale of eBooks, workshops or other traditional methods for financial support. Instead, I put my content out there for free, and you guys do a great job supporting me.

I recently ruined an entire box of Kodak Ektar 8×10 film (yes, all 10 sheets), and I cried a little bit less that night knowing you guys have my back! Don’t get me wrong, I still sobbed like a baby, but believe me — there would have been full fetal position if not for your wonderful gratitude.

You guys make a big difference, and I have a blast putting all of this together for you. I’m getting better at this whole video editing thing, and I think you’ll enjoy what I’ve put together for this trip. You’ll be hearing a lot from me in the next few weeks.

11 Responses to “Trip Teaser: August 2012”

  1. bob Says:

    Great job, I checked out a few videos, you are getting better on the video side, your photography stands alone.

  2. Karl Says:

    Ah yes, The Whites. Haven’t been up yet this year myself. Twice last year. I think I can only stand White Mountain Road once a year. Looking forward to seeing your shots and the videos. I was shooting 8×10 in Patriarch last year.

    • Ben Horne Says:

      It would have been nice to run into you up there. I was happy with many of the shots I took in color, but I would also love to burn some B&W film up there. It’s such a great location!

  3. Laura Says:

    I’ve been checking the site for this for several weeks-so excited to see the videos are about to start! Look forward to them like I await the next release from my favorite author. Especially excited to see the portfolio shots.

  4. Gary Thursby Says:

    You got cell service all the way out there?! You must have Verizon lol.

    • Ben Horne Says:

      I had full bars on AT&T at the peak. Really strange. I saw a cell tower quite a ways away from the peak, but there must have been another one nearby. In any case, it was great to have full phone and internet access!

  5. David Patterson Says:


    I just received your note and the AWESOME photographs from the White Mountains. You really did not need to do that, but I did want to say how much it was appreciated. Thank you!

  6. Andreas Resch Says:

    Hey Ben,

    great trailer – can’t wait to see your videos from the trip. After the big step up in quality in your recent set of videos, who knows what to expect this time.

    I was just looking for sources to stock some Velvia 50 and saw how expensive 8×10″ is compared to 4×5″. Hearing that you killed a box of film hurts even more now. Let’s see how you managed to do that.

    I was also looking back on some of your film tests and might give Ektar 100 a try, now after Velvia 50 is harder to get and will be gone for good soon. I’ve seen some reviews and I like the dynamic range of the Extar quite a bit. This might come in handy when I do my gorge shots which are high contrasty in many cases.

    Thanks again for all you do for the community,

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