Zion 2011: Day 9 & 10

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I spent much of Day 9 scouting the east side of the park in search of mud textures from the snow melt. Though I found some areas with nice mud textures, I had difficulty locating an area free of debris. With that shot out of the question, I returned to the canyon, and used my panoramic camera to capture some interesting reflections on the river.


Wednesday, November 9, 2011

On my last full day in Zion, I hiked the very scenic trails to Hidden Canyon and Observation Point. I hadn’t been on these trails before, but it was fun to check them out, and see Zion from a different vantage point. No photos today, but some of the trails were absolutely beautiful! Thanks for joining me on this trip! I’m already packing for my next one (Thus the rush to get these videos posted!)

5 Responses to “Zion 2011: Day 9 & 10”

  1. Arnaud Says:

    Once again, great videos man. Inspiring, as usual. I like that 6×17 water shot. Works especially well on a pano.
    I’m definitely game for this workshop you’re talking about.
    Where are you heading next?

  2. Laura Says:

    Thanks for sharing your trip, the water photo is really beautiful! Enjoyed this series immensely and am definitely interested in next year’s nonworkshop. I’ve never been to the Narrows, so if the dates work count me in!

  3. David Patterson Says:

    Ben… am trying to decide which series I am more anxious waiting for… your next trip, or the re-start of “The Walking Dead” on AMC. Point being… you do good TV, and I appreciate your willingness to share your experiences. PS. That 6×17 photograph of the water is gorgeous!

  4. Michael Lordi (@Scout327) Says:

    Another great report. As David says, thank you for sharing!
    Are you going back to DV this winter? That dune shot is still waiting!

  5. Tony Says:

    That’s some seriously good timing on my part! Just a couple of days ago, my friend just told me that she was going down to Zion at the end of April, and would I like to go. I, of course, jumped at the chance. My first time there, how could I say no?

    Meanwhile, in a completely unrelated decision, I was thinking of shooting some Fuji Velvia 50 after I get done with the batch of Illford – so I was researching the various slide brands and found your trip. While I’m doing 35mm and my stuff wont look nearly as sexy, I’ll still going to give it a good try.

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