Free Film Friday on Twitter #FFF

I had a (brilliant) idea the other day. Such ideas don’t happen often, so I had to sit down and make sure it was in fact an idea.

I have a freezer full of film, some of which I don’t plan on using for quite some time. I prefer to keep very recent film in my stock, and some of the film is getting a bit old. This film has been kept refrigerated/frozen for all of its life, and I’m looking to give it a good home.

Tomorrow on Twitter, I’ll give away the first of this film.

What format am I giving away?  What type of film?  How much film?

Follow me on Twitter (@BenHorne) and you’ll get all the details tomorrow. This will be the first of many Free Film Fridays.

7 Responses to “Free Film Friday on Twitter #FFF”

  1. Doug Dolde Says:

    You’d have to pay me to use film again, and a LOT !

  2. Will Says:

    Hey Ben, could you send some to the UK? Shipping at my expense of course.

    • Ben Horne Says:

      The packages are so light that I could also cover the shipping for international. I should have some more film to give away next week, I just need to go through it all and see what’s getting a bit older.

      • Will Says:

        Ah, that would be so cool. I’m making a transition from digital to film myself. I’ve actually just finished my first ever print just an hour ago. Some film would be much appreciated.

        And how about Racetrack sunset? Did you get my email address?

      • Ben Horne Says:

        I sent you an email a few days ago, but I’ll re-send it. Maybe something happened.

  3. Chris Says:

    Hi Ben, great idea and a very positive one ( 🙂 ) Thanks for your generous giving. If theres any left I shoot 4×5 and live in the UK, and I would definately be interested in any transparency

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