It’s okay not to be a photographer

My fiancee and I went for a fun trip in early August. We drove from San Diego to Crater Lake, then on to the Columbia River Gorge, and finally to Olympic National Park. I’ve never been to this region, so this was a great introductory trip. Though I did bring my camera equipment, I honestly didn’t plan on taking any shots. I hoped to become familiar with the area, and use this information to plan for future photography trips.

I brought my bulky panoramic camera on every hike — including an 18 miler in Olympic National Park. How many rolls of film did I shoot? Just one.

Being that this is (mostly) a photography blog, where are the photos?

Undeveloped. That roll of film is still in my fridge.

It was just a cliche shot and the lighting wasn’t right, but I do look forward to seeing how good my exposure was.

Though I never so much as removed my 8×10 from its case, I learned a lot about shooting large format in this environment. I paid close attention to the light, and formulated how I would handle certain conditions. All this without using my camera. Ultimately, if I am to take some great images from that region, I need a plan.

Just because we are photographers, doesn’t mean we always have to be shooting photos. Sometimes, it’s nice just to have fun.

You might ask… what about video? Well, that’s an entirely different story…  Here’s a little something I threw together to show the sights and sounds along the way. Also, I should add that my fiancee insists on taking the lead when the trails get narrow. She says something about me blocking the scenery. That’s just fine with me — she fits right in with the beautiful landscape.

3 Responses to “It’s okay not to be a photographer”

  1. Leo Says:

    Hi Ben. Great reminder to have fun along the way. And it looks like you were able to squeeze a little in during this trip. Great video of another interesting place. Thanks for sharing and can’t wait to see more.

    • Ben Horne Says:

      Thanks Leo! I really look forward to a return trip to the Pacific Northwest. It is such a beautiful region! I will certainly return with my film camera. It was nice to play tourist for a while though.

  2. Eric Says:

    I thought of this blog entry yesterday when I took the day off to go up to Joshua Tree to check out the once in a lifetime event of all the Joshua Trees blooming at once.

    I brought my large format camera but never took it out. I snapped a few pics of the blooms with my medium format camera, but they were “fun” pictures more than anything else.

    It was nice to just be a tourist, and observe the other photographers doing their thing.

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