Yikes! That could have been bad!

Infinite Horizon: Photographed on Fuji Velvia 50 (8x10)

I’m now officially gearing up for my next trip: Death Valley National Park.  This will be my third trip to the park, and I have high expectations for the photographic potential.  During the month of December, Death Valley received over 3 inches of rain. As a result, Badwater is once again flooded. This will make for some great photographic opportunities.

Another personal goal of mine is to capture a great photo of the dunes. On large format, this is not an easy task. This year, I want to think big, shoot big, and walk away with great shots.

I’m also pleased to announce that have an entirely new video setup for my video journal. I am using a Panasonic TM700 along with an external Sennheiser mic for improved audio.  I hope to produce even better video than previous trips, and bring you the viewer along for the ride!

This brings me back to the title of this blog post — which I’m sure you are wondering about.  What could have been so bad?

Today after work, I made a checklist of supplies I will need for my trip.  Scribbled first on my list was “Fuji Velvia 50 8×10 — 1 Box”

I think we all can agree that film is a very important part of large format photography. If it wasn’t for film, I’d just be hiking around with a mahogany end table in my backpack.

I went to all the usual sources:  Out of Stock,  Out of Stock, Out of Stock, Out of Stock.


I  have a partial box of 5 sheets left in the freezer.  Let’s see, 11 days in Death Valley, and 5 sheets of film.  That’s too crazy for even me!

Up until now, 8×10 sheet film came in quantities of 10.  To help sell more film, and keep the production lines running (which I’m all for!), Fuji has decided to sell quantities of 20.  Again, this is just fine with me.

Here’s the problem, all the 10 sheet boxes have sold out, and the 20 sheet boxes have not yet shipped.


I thought to myself, where could I possibly find some more Velvia?  Simple. It’s the same place you can find used shoes and GI Joe. Ebay.

I found a highly regarded seller with several boxes available.

*fingers crossed*

6 Responses to “Yikes! That could have been bad!”

  1. David Patterson Says:

    Ben… nice light on the horizon. Just think… if eBay doesn’t come through with the film you will simply have to be even more selective than ever! That and make more awesome videos 🙂

    Looking forward to your next trip to my favorite National Park… any plans to get up to higher ground too?

    • Ben Horne Says:

      I was certainly sweating there for a while. I think I could honestly use just 5 sheets of film, but that’s really cutting it close.

      I hope to make it out to Racetrack this year. I was there in 09, but as you know, access was not possible last year. When I’m shooting out there this year, I’ll definitely be thinking of the trip that you and Sam took in 2010. I really enjoyed following that trip on your blog — especially since you started your visit when I left. It was as though I added a few extra days to my trip!

  2. bob francella Says:

    you will get it buddy, its written in the stars

  3. Jim Becia Says:


    Just to let you know, I have purchased quite a bit of 8×10 Velvia 50 from both sellers (currently) on ebay. You should have not problem with either one. I might suggest purchasing a few extras to keep in the freezer. Jim

    • Ben Horne Says:


      I’m glad to hear that you have also had good experiences with them on ebay. I bought two boxes to hold me over for the next two trips.

      I still have some 4×5 quickloads in the freezer. Those are like gold!

      I thoroughly enjoyed viewing the work on your website. Fantastic photos! I’m glad to see other LF shooters out there.

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