Spot Metering Basics

While on a hike in Rancho Cuyamaca State Park, I made this video about spot metering technique.

For the best video quality, choose “360p” instead of “240p”

6 Responses to “Spot Metering Basics”

  1. bob francella Says:

    I love it Ben, yo can get a sock to put over the mick to muffle the wind, just a suggestion.

  2. Ben Horne Says:

    Thanks Bob! This was a test run with the new video camera. I now know that the auto exposure can get fooled from time to time, so I’ll use it only in manual mode. Also, wind can still be an issue, even with my external mic. I’ll need to get a windmuff for it. I’m really looking forward to taking this new video rig on my next trip!

  3. Chris Maun Says:

    Great video Ben! I’ve learned a lot about LF from your blog. Keep it up!

    • Ben Horne Says:

      Thanks Chris! You have some very beautiful photos on your site. I didn’t see any info there, but based on the aspect ratio, I would assume that they are LF as well. Very cool stuff!! The shot with light beams shooting through the Redwoods in particular is very compelling.

  4. robertkerner Says:

    Thank you for your wonderful site and videos. I know a lot of folks over at Large Format Photography Forum follow your work. Thank you for this video, in particular!

    I dabbled in LF in the 90’s and got frustrated. I’m just now returning to it and am shopping for a meter, since lugging a DSLR around in the pack just for its meter is a bit silly. I have my eye on the Sekonic but-until your video–couldn’t quite visualize the workflow with it. Now I understand the application of the features it has over the tried and true Pentax Spot.

    Bob Kerner

    • Ben Horne Says:


      Thanks for the kind words! It’s awesome that you are retuning to LF. I find it to be highly rewarding. Are you planning on shooting mostly landscapes?

      I have a lot of confidence in my Sekonic, and feel very familiar with it. Although there are some features I wish it had, by in large it does everything I need. If you can get a good deal on the 758, it’s also a great meter — some of its changes are not necessary on LF though. I have never used the Pentax, or some of other spot meters on the market, but I really like the way of working with my 558.

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