Equipment Woes

This evening, I was looking over my gear, and decided to take a closer look at the Nikkor 210mm lens for my 4×5 camera. This is a slightly long lens, equivalent to about 70mm on a 35mm camera. This is my favorite lens on the 4×5 because it is amazingly sharp. While testing the shutter, I noticed a severe problem. The shutter blades were suppose to be closed, but 2 of the blades were wildly askew. When combined with the Quickload failure on my last trip, it is evident that some of my gear is starting to show some wear. It’s no big deal, I’ll drop the lens off at the local repair shop early next week.

Nothing is perfect, but at least I discovered this severe equipment failure before my next trip.

2 Responses to “Equipment Woes”

  1. Mike Says:

    It is always good to check out gear before a trip! I’ve learned this lesson in my video production business as well as personally. It sometimes seems that the piece of gear you were thinking about checking but didn’t, turns out to be the thing that fails. I’m curious, where in town do you take something like that to get serviced?

  2. Ben Horne Says:


    I brought it by Kurts off Mission Gorge Rd. They said they can handle it, so that’s good. The lens was not terribly expensive ($300 or so), and the repair will be about a third of the value of the lens, but that’s fine with me. I’m constantly amazed by the optics in that lens. It’s truly tack sharp.

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