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Those of you who frequent my blog are quite accustomed to my daily journal and videos.  I enjoy writing about my experiences, and lessons learned on photography trips. Unlike my previous trips to the Colorado Plateau and Death Valley, my two week trip to Yellowstone did not feature such coverage.

It was a fantastic trip, but photography simply was not the intent. My wonderful girlfriend Lyubov joined me on this trip, and we enjoyed two weeks of hiking and wildlife viewing.

We saw one particular female Grizzly Bear and her cubs quite a few times. Here she is feeding along side the road. Don’t worry, we were in a vehicle.  Otherwise, there is NO way I would be this close to a Grizzly Bear, especially in light of the recent deaths in Yellowstone.

Female Grizzly Bear with cubs nearby

We also saw plenty of Black Bears, along with the rest of the wildlife that you would expect to see at Yellowstone: Bison, Elk, Pronghorn Antelope, Osprey, Bald Eagles, etc. We were also fortunate to take several great hikes through a variety of different habitats including grasslands, lush forests, and tundra.

It was nice to take a trip where photography was not the primary objective.  Rather than concern myself with the perfect shot of a Grizzly, I was content firing shots out the window of my truck with a rebel and a kit lens.  Also, it was refreshing to witness a spectacular sunset without the pressure of capturing its beauty on film.  I could simply sit back, and enjoy the splendor of the outdoors.

So what other news do I have about this trip? I’m happy to say that my long time girlfriend and I are now engaged.

Lyubov and Me along the banks of the Yellowstone River

6 Responses to “Other News”

  1. Ron Carroll Says:

    What else can we say… Congratulations! Wishing both of you a long and happy life together.

  2. Ron Richins Says:

    Congratulations. I think you should wear the antlers to the wedding.

  3. Sharon Van Lieu Says:

    Congratulations, Ben. What a gorgeous couple you two make.


  4. David Patterson Says:

    Nice rock! Congratulations to the both of you!

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