Changing Thermal Areas

Nearly a year ago, my visit to Yellowstone yielded several interesting photos. One in particular was taken at the West Thumb geyser basin.  I used my 4×5 camera perched on the railing to photograph this scene.

Thermal Spring (Yellowstone 2009)

It was very interesting to see how this scene has changed over the past year.  The yellow area in the foreground has lost much of its color, and is no longer photogenic.  It took me a while to recognize the same stretch of the spring since it changed so much. I was hoping to take a photo of this same location with the changed color, but it slipped my mind.

I also noticed some big changes with Grand Prismatic Spring.  Below is how it looked last year when I photographed it.

Grand Prismatic (2009)

Here is a shot of Grand Prismatic (taken with a digital camera) about a week ago.  Note the left side of the hot spring.  Many of the orange arms are drying up, and turning white. I’m sure it is only temporary, but it is interesting nonetheless.

Snapshot of Grand Prismatic in July 2010

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