2 Weeks in Yellowstone

I spent the last 2 weeks in Yellowstone National Park. However, this was a different sort of trip.  Although I did bring my large format photography gear with me on the trip, photography was not the primary objective.  This was a fun trip filled with hiking, and wildlife viewing.

Since this was not a photo trip, I only took a handful of photos.  I’ll be dropping the film off at the lab in the coming days.  I won’t be posting a daily video journal, but I will post some video recaps as I get a chance to sort through the material.

To give a taste of what we saw on this trip, here is a photo of an impressive thunder storm sweeping over the Hayden Valley.  I did not have enough time to setup my 4×5 camera, so I grabbed my girlfriend’s Canon Rebel T1i, and snapped this handheld photo.  Shortly after I took this photo, the sun emerged from a cloud, and illuminated the rolling hills in the foreground.

Hayden Valley Storm

One Response to “2 Weeks in Yellowstone”

  1. David Patterson Says:

    Even though it wasn’t exactly a photography trip, I am sure you did some serious scouting for the future. Hope you had a great time, and those are some funky clouds for sure!

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