Tuesday Morning TV Spot & ArtWalk Update

Change of plans, I’ll be on the Fox 5 morning show tomorrow around 7:30.  There is a chance of rain in the forecast, and it’s an outdoor interview, so let’s hope it stays dry!

ArtWalk postcards hot off the press!

This year for ArtWalk, my handout is a full color double side postcard that features my new releases, and some additional information on the back.  I received 500 of them in the mail today, and they look great.  Here’s hoping that I hand them all out this weekend.

3 Responses to “Tuesday Morning TV Spot & ArtWalk Update”

  1. David Patterson Says:

    Best wishes from the right coast for a HUGELY successful weekend 🙂

  2. Sharon Van Lieu Says:

    Best wishes for your success, Ben. Who did you get to print your postcards? They look great.


  3. Ben Horne Says:

    Thanks David and Sharon! I had the postcards printed by modern postcard, which is based here in San Diego. I was very happy with the color reproduction.

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