Proofing Prints

For the past couple of weeks, I have been finalizing the edits on several photos that I will be presenting at ArtWalk at the end of April. This past Monday, I viewed the proofs for 2 separate pieces. The first is a 30×37 inch print of the following image.

Thermal Spring : Printed 30x37" on Fuji Flex

I chose to print it on Fuji Flex, which is among the best “papers” available for landscape prints. I use the word paper in quotes because there is no paper in this material. It is a plastic base, and has a super high gloss. This makes it possible to have a print lay flat when mounted. This “paper” also allows for rich dark tones, and a wonderful range of color tonality. I was very happy with the 11×14 proof that I viewed, and okay’d the final print. This is a very expensive “paper” to work with, but I think the final results will be stunning.

Sandstone Triptych : Canvas Giclee - each panel measures 20x45"

My second piece is a Canvas Triptych. This is the piece that I envisioned in a previous blog post titled “Rethinking Rectangles.” The lab did a great job matching the final print color and tone to the original files that I presented them with. Those prints have been produced, and they are currently being stretched onto wood by the framer. I will be picking them up on Monday.

I still have several more images that will be prepared for print. It is a very time intensive process, but I hope some of you will be able to see them in person at ArtWalk.

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