On the Road Again

This morning, I gave a talk about my approach to Landscape Photography at Nelson Photo.  It was a packed house!  Thank you everyone who attended.  I really hope that I gave you some valuable information on the topic.  This is something that I really enjoy doing, and I like to share as much information as I can.  If anyone has any further questions, don’t hesitate to email me, or give me a call at the shop when I get back from my latest trip.

I’m heading to Death Valley for 2 weeks of shooting.  Some locations are familiar, others will be new to me.  I’m taking about 15 sheets of 8×10, 40 sheets of 4×5, and 4 rolls of 120 for my Fuji 6×17 camera.  I honestly have no clue how many shots I will take.  If I come back with one that I am happy with, I will call it a success!

If I have any data coverage along the way, I’ll post some twitter updates with current conditions in Death Valley.  See you on the flip side!

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