ArtWalk Preparations

With 3 months remaining until ArtWalk, my preparations are already underway for this large event.  This is my year to make a huge presence, so I am planning on producing 4 new monster sized prints, and one or two smaller framed pieces.  I recently received my latest batch of drum scans, and am in the process of prepping these images for print.  Some of these files are  2GB. I have chosen to produce 40×50 enlargements of “Thermal Pool” and “Primordial.” I have not yet determined the print size for the “Grand Prismatic” panorama, but it will be a lightjet print.   My photo titled “Brush Strokes,” will be printed as a triptych on stretched canvas, just as I mocked up in a previous blog entry.

If all goes according to plan, I should have a very impressive display this year.  I would love to at least cover my expenses this year.

2 Responses to “ArtWalk Preparations”

  1. Sharon Van Lieu Says:

    You should have a great show with those prints, Ben. Best wishes to you.

    Some day, I would love for you to write about composition and large prints. It’s a subject I never see discussed and I would love to talk about it.


    • Ben Horne Says:

      It will be a lot of work getting everything ready for ArtWalk, but it is a very fun process. I love picking up those big prints from the lab, then exploring all of the details up close. It is such a better viewing experience than on the monitor.

      I’ll definitely make some entries on my experiences with creating large prints, and the things that I have learned. My absolute favorite big print is the photo of “Southwestern Zen” that is on the wall a few feet from my computer. I really wish there was a way to allow people to have the viewing experience online that is possible in person. The prints have a downright 3D feel to them. A glance over my shoulder at that print usually gives me inspiration to keep working hard at photography.

      Composition is one of those things that I will discuss as well. When I teach the landscape class at the shop, I have a way of breaking things down to the basics with drawings. There are of course no hard and fast rules, but I’ll do some posts regarding the thinking process in my own mind. I certainly appreciate the suggestions! Sometimes, it is difficult to think of new things to post.

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