Revisiting Shots

Primordial Soup Bowls | Velvia 50 4x5 | Nikkor 75mm

When I get my film back from the lab, I often give it a cursory glance, then put it away for storage.  Several months later, I go through the film, and give it a second look. This process helps distance myself from the effort involved in taking the image. If an image was technically difficult to take, that will often times influence my perception of the photo. I would rather evaluate the photo on the visual merit alone — the way a potential customer will.

This image was taken in September of this year.  I took 3 photos that night, and felt that this one was the strongest. Technically, it was a difficult shot to take. I used a 3 stop grad filter to help darken the sky.  However, it was critical that I kept the foreground rocks properly exposed. This certainly put my metering skills to the test.

When I initially saw this image,  I wished the reflections were stronger in the foreground pools.  Now, I realize that it was not possible because of the angle of the reflection.  I would have to stand back further with a long lens, but I would lose the wide angle perspective. The warm light across the rims of the foreground pools seems to make up for the reflections.

If I choose to drum scan this image, I can achieve better tonality in the shadows and highlights.  In this presentation, the foreground is a bit dark, but the transparency has some very nice detail there. This image is from my Epson flatbed scanner.

2 Responses to “Revisiting Shots”

  1. Sharon Van Lieu Says:

    The foreground pools are great but I also love how you framed this shot with the horizontal rocks across the top of the small pools that is mimicked by the clouds. Excellent framing and I love your exposure.


    • Ben Horne Says:

      Thanks for the kind words Sharon. I didn’t even notice those rocks that mimic the clouds until you mentioned it.

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