Chuggin’ along with my G5

Although I love the smell of a new computer, I don’t like upgrading every couple of years. You might as well toss handfuls of cash out the window of your car on the freeway.

The system I’m using now will turn 5 years old in early 2010.  That being said, my Mac G5 is loaded with RAM, and does a pretty decent job.  I do get some odd looks when I tell other photographers that I’m working with 6GB photoshop files on a G5 relic.

Hey, it’s not all that bad.  The only thing that takes a loooooong time is saving or opening files.  Once the file is open, my adjustments in photoshop (levels, curves, layer masks, etc) are quite fast.

I might end up with a new Mac Pro in 2010, but I think I am going to hold onto my G5 until I start having more compatibility issues with new software.

I also have a powerbook G4 laptop.  I honestly have no intent to upgrade that computer.  Since I do not shoot digital, I have no need to carry a laptop with me when I travel. I can take care of email and web browsing with my iphone.

The laptop comes in handy when I teach classes, but I am hardly putting its abilities to the test.

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