Zion Fall Color Update

I am currently in Zion National Park for just over a week of shooting. The first week of November is typically the best for fall color in Zion Canyon. It seems as though nature is right on schedule this year.

The Springdale area is showing mixed color. There is still quite a bit of green. Further up the canyon, you will find more and more yellow leaves. The area around the lodge is mixed with green and yellow, but the grotto area is nearly peak color. Along the road near the narrows, you will find that the color is also nearing peak.

Yesterday, I spent the entire day along the Left Fork while visiting Subway. I started the hike at about 4:30 AM under moonlight to make sure I arrived at Subway during the morning. Along the way, most of the Cottonwoods have already peaked, and were starting to look very barren. However, the Left Fork is not a great place to shoot fall color anyway.

I met up with several other photographers from FredMiranda.com, as well as NPN. The best time to shoot Subway this time of year is just after 1PM. I would suggest starting your hike around 7AM or so, which will give you plenty of time to enjoy the hike, and setup a shot at the crack, which will be in the shade with some nice reflected light. You’ll be in good shape to shoot Subway in the early afternoon. Be sure to bring a headlamp and GPS for your way out if you will be hiking out after sunset. The last bit of the trail back to your car can be confusing in the dark. Tracking back with a GPS will be very helpful.

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