A Trip of Learning (Part III)

Thursday, October 1

After leaving Toroweap with the intention of returning in a day or so, I wanted to visit a location that had been on my list for a while. One of my favorite subjects to shoot is rock texture. I had been meaning to visit a location near the Paria River called Yellow Rock.  I wanted to get a feel for the lay of the land, possibly take a few shots, then plan for a return trip.

Yellow Rock is located about 14 miles north of Highway 89 along Cottonwood Canyon Road. The road can be a bit rough in places, but does not pose any problems unless it is wet.   The road will be utterly impassable when wet.

Yellow Rock is not a long hike from the parking area, but it does involve a rather steep ascent along a loose scree slope. the rock formation is quite impressive. It is composed of sandstone that is mostly yellow, but has swirls of white and red.  I climbed to the top and scouted the area for interesting colors and textures. I ended up shooting a couple abstract shots of the rock texture, then continued wandering around to see how the light would strike the rock near sunset.

I decided to get a hotel in Kanab because I didn’t have a plan on where to camp that night, and it was already several hours after sunset by the time I got back to the main highway. I knew the next morning that I would need to head back to Toroweap to re-take the photo that I thought I might have goofed up on.

To Be Continued…

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