Closing Thoughts for ArtWalk on the Bay

artwalkmeThank you everyone who came and visited my booth at ArtWalk on the Bay.  I enjoy chatting about photography, and the various locations that I have photographed. I really enjoy watching the expressions on peoples faces as they view my work.  A very common question was if they were paintings. I take that as a compliment because it means I did my job creating a very strong image that seems almost unreal.  I am very proud of the images that I have created, and it’s great to see that others appreciate the hard work as well.  Quite a few of you guys were interested in the seminars that I will be conducting in early 2010.  When the dates are scheduled, I will call you guys and let you know.

My limited series prints certainly are not inexpensive.  However, I hope that you can appreciate the time, expense, and patience that goes into creating them. I try to set myself apart from other photographers with my very graphic and meticulous photographic style. This is a direct result of my graphic design background, and desire for structure. I have a blast with photography, and a terrific day job that allows me to pursue my interests. Any print sales are greatly appreciated.

Thanks again everyone. ArtWalk on the Bay was a blast!

Photo Courtesy of Dean Carr Photography

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