Music and Photography

When going on a shooting trip, I pick a new album and load it into my ipod.  I do my best to over play that album while on the trip.  It’s not all that difficult to do this when I’m often driving more than 10 hours to reach the final destination.  I enjoy associating an album with the photos that I take on the trip.

While visiting The Wave for the first time, the album for the trip was “The Boy With No Name” by Travis. The first song on that album (3 Times and You Lose) brilliantly captures the feel of that location.

When I visited Death Valley National Park this past March, my album of choice was “Ray Sings, Basie Swings” from Ray Charles.  There is something very special about hiking across the Eureka dunes at sunrise while listening to “Oh, What a Beautiful Morning,” and dancing like a fool to “Every Saturday Night” to try and stay warm at sunrise in the middle of racetrack playa. That is a seriously awesome song, I am glad no one has video of that moment though.

On a recent trip to Yellowstone National Park, my girlfriend did an awesome job selecting the album “So Much More” by Brett Dennen. There are several songs from that album that will forever hold memories of that trip.  Since it was such a long trip, the new Rob Thomas album “Cradlesong” also had a lot of play. My favorites from that album are “Gasoline” and “Hard on You.”

Of course, one can only listen to music for so long. If it wasn’t for the multiple podcasts that I subscribe to, I would likely go crazy on solo shooting trips. I really enjoy listening to Leo Laporte, the Tech Guy while out in the wilderness. Somehow, the frequent discussions of twitter, iphones, windows virus problems, and apple computers keeps my mind sharp.

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