Photography as Work


I decided to pursue a degree in graphic design rather than photography. I felt that a degree in photography would lead me down a path where photography would become work.

I have been careful to separate photography from work. I cannot fathom the day that I no longer enjoy the act of taking a photo.  I know that that day would draw near if I was catering to the whims of a client.  Although many photographers can make a living from photographing products, people, sports, or events — They are in a position only to please the art director, or editor. This leads to mindless snapping of photos, void of one’s own creativity. Pretty soon, the thought of even picking up a camera would be unsettling.

In nature, there are no art directors.  The only voice telling me how or what to shoot is my own. I hope that others will appreciate the effort that goes into this craft as much as I enjoy creating these images.

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